Jim Kent in the News

Ebola precautions taken in Santa Cruz, but some say it's not enough. Jondi Gumz. October 14, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC researchers create Ebola genome browser. Kara Guzman. October 3, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

People in the news. September 28, 2009. BioInform

Jim Kent, hero of free and open source software. Gary Richmond. February 14, 2007. Free Software Magazine.

Study may change gene research. Lois M. Collins. September 27, 2004. Deseret Morning News.

Second-career scientists. Chris Woolston. August 11, 2004. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Racing against the clock: UCSC grad student becomes superstar by sequencing human genome in the nick of time. Lynn Graebner. Friday, June 13, 2003. Silicon Valley Business Ink.

James Kent to receive Overton Prize for computational biology. March 17, 2003. UCSC Currents Online.

An interview with Jim Kent. Bruce Stewart. December 11, 2002. O'Reilly Network.

Kent honored for bioinformatics accomplishments. October 21, 2002 UCSC Currents Online.

Keeping genome data open: an interview with Jim Kent. Bruce Stewart. April 5, 2002. O'Reilly Network.

Genome liberation. February 26, 2002. Salon.com.

Kent: The genome superman. August 22, 2001. Wired News.

Hacking the genome. Damien Counsell. June 2001. Linux User.

They dream of genes. April 18-25, 2001. Metro Santa Cruz.

Grad student becomes gene effort's unlikely hero. February 13, 2001. New York Times.

Graduate student lands starring role in the Human Genome Project. Tim Stephens. February 12, 2001. UCSC Currents Online.

UC Santa Cruz puts human genome online: Programming wizard does job in 4 weeks. July 7, 2000. San Francisco Chronicle.

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