David Haussler in the News

Beacon project cracks the door for genomic data sharing. Aaron Krol. August 14, 2015. BioIT World. 

UC Santa Cruz researchers use big data to fight cancer. Ryan Masters. August 3, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz awarded $2 million for human genome variation map. Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 22, 2015.

The human genome: collaboration is the new competition. July 20, 2015. David Haussler. TEDxSantaCruz.

Why you should share your genetic profile. July 16, 2015. David Haussler. San Francisco Chronicle.

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    Share it. July 20, 2015. GenomeWeb.

Wikipedia co-founder, genome project leader among recipients of Dan David Prize. May 17, 2015. The Jerusalem Post.

TEDxSantaCruz speakers present radical ideas. Kara Guzman. April 24, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Obama initiative likely to tap the bioinformatics lab of David Haussler '75. Connecticut College. March 19, 2015.

Internet of DNA. Antonio Regalado. February 18, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

Quoted: on sharing and not sharing genetic information. Levi Sumagaysay. February 18, 2015. SiliconBeat.

Dan David Foundation to award three prizes of $1 million to six world renowned laureates. Judy Siegel-Itzkovich. February 10, 2015. The Jerulsalem Post.

UCSC Genomics Institute receives $1 million grant. Kara Guzman. January 13, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Community-wide effort aims to better represent variation in human reference genome. Uduak Grace Thomas. December 18, 2014. GenomeWeb.

Geneticists begin tests of an Internet for DNA. Antonio Regaled. December 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

UC trumps Stanford in pushing entrepreneurship, QB3 head says. Stephanie M. Lee. December 14, 2014. SF Gate.

UCSC genomics center awarded $11 million NIH grant. Kara Guzman. October 9, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Big data and genomics: Revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of disease. September 17, 2014. World Affairs Council.

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. Interview with David Haussler. Roberto V. Zicari. September 4, 2014. ODBMS Industry Watch.

Paperwork, not algorithms the biggest challenge for large bioinformatics projects, says David Haussler, UCSC. Ayanna Monteverdi. August 28, 2014. Mendelspod.com.

Participatory biology. June 26, 2014. Forbes.

Global genomic data-sharing effort kicks off. Ewen Callaway. March 6, 2014. Nature.

Big data. Joel Hersch. January 15, 2014. Good Times Weekly.

The scientist as a rebel: a tribute to Freeman Dyson on his 90th birthday. (search article for "Haussler"). Benny Peiser. January 4, 2014 (originally published March 14 2007). Canada Free Press.

UCSC researcher leads cancer's digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. January 2, 2014. San Jose Mercury News.

UCSC researcher leads cancer's digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. December 25, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year: David Haussler. November 15, 2013. YouTube.

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce to honor David Haussler, Laura Brown on Nov. 15. Jondi Gumz. November 6, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Ed TalkThe quest to conquer cancer: computer geeks to the rescue! October 17, 2013. UC Santa Cruz ED Talk.

CENIC, Internet2 connect at 100 gigabits per second to ensure global research and innovation in California and worldwide. July 25, 2013. Fort Mill Times.

George Blumenthal: White House honors genomics team. George Blumenthal. June 22, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Accord aims to create global trove of genetic data. Gina Kolata. June 5, 2013. New York Times.

Life, the universe, and everything: an interview with David Haussler. Jane Gitschier. January 31, 2013. PLOS Genetics.

Illumina's moleculo provides long DNA fragment sequences to improve genomes, clinical assays. Julie Karow. January 15, 2013. GenomeWeb.

Why data is the key to better medicine—and maybe a cure for cancer. Derrick Harris. November 27, 2012. GigaOM.

Techonomy 2012: Geek-Powered Cancer Research (David Haussler). November 12, 2012. Techonomy.

David Haussler. August 8, 2012. UCSC Grad Div Videos.

NCI-Led team builds petabyte-scale cancer genome data repository. Matthew Dublin. July/August 2012. Genome Web. 

Cancer genome data center raises hope for cures. Lisa M. Krieger. May 2, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

David Haussler: The Cancer Genome Hub. Moira Gunn. January 10, 2012. Tech Nation.

Computer scientists may have what it takes to help cure cancer. David Patterson. December 5, 2011. The New York Times.

UC Santa Cruz forum touts personalized medicine for cancer care. Marissa Fessenden. October 21, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz hosts art, science multimedia event in Cupertino. Marissa Fessenden. September 24, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Vertebrate evolution occurred in genetically distinct epochs. August 19, 2011. Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Santa Cruz County of the future: Hotel, convention center, green tech, research, or what?. July 15, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC professor awarded Oxford biology prize: David Haussler recognized for work on genome, cancer research. June 20, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

University of Hawaii president speaks in Aptos. June 10, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

David Haussler: Human genome pioneer David Haussler talks about the evolving role of annotated data repositories. March 9, 2011. Nature Biotechnology.

Voices: What's next in science (David Haussler). Carl Zimmer. November 9, 2010. New York Times.

Q&A: David Haussler on using pathway infrence to gain insight into molecular alterations in cancer. June 18, 2010. GenomeWeb.

Futures in Biotech 53: Project Genome 10K--Mapping life's greatest journey. Marc Pelletier audio interviewing David Haussler. January 26, 2010. Twit.tv.

Building the Genome Zoo. Robert Pollie Podcast interviewing David Haussler. November 22, 2009. KUSP Radio.

People in the news. September 28, 2009. BioInform

Human genome: now online. December 10, 2008. Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

Profile of David Haussler. Philip Downey. September 23,2008. PNAS.

The reverse evolution machine. Josh Rosen. September 4, 2007. KQED QUEST Television.

Five more years for David Haussler as HHMI Investigator. Tim Stephens. August 13, 2007. UCSC Currents.

Opossum genome may answer human questions. Radio interview, Joe Palca. May 10, 2007. Morning Edition on National Public Radio.

Mobile DNA part of evolution's toolbox. May 4, 2006. HHMI News.

UCSC Professors Haussler and Woosley elected to National Academy of Sciences. Tim Stephens. May 1, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Three UCSC professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Tim Stephens and Scott Rappaport. May 1, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Bringing back the brontosaurus. Steve Olson. April 2006. Wired News.

Bioinformatics pioneer David Haussler receives Carnegie Mellon's prestigious Dickson Prize in Science. Teresa Thomas. March 10, 2006. Carnegie Mellon Media Relations press release.

Machine learning in biology: a profile of David Haussler. Sara Reese Hedberg. IEEE Intelligent Systems. January/February 2006.

The World Technology Network honors the most innovative individuals in science and technology; the world's best and brightest in 20 categories are named fellows of prestigious organization. November 16, 2005. Genetic Engineering News. [article no longer online]

Team led by UCSC’s Haussler to reconstruct whole genome of distant mammalian ancestor. Bernadette Toner. October 31, 2005. GenomeWeb Daily News.

UCSC will get training grant from California stem cell institute. Tim Stephens. September 19, 2005. UCSC Currents.

Gene finding with hidden Markov models. Karen Heyman. March 28, 2005. The Scientist.

Researchers deduce gene sequence of mammalian ancestor. Radio interview, Joe Palca. December 27, 2004. All Things Considered on National Public Radio.

Collecting genetic sequences for animals. Radio interview, Joe Palca. December 26, 2004. All Things Considered on National Public Radio.

Junk DNA. (Video and news article) Karen Lurie. July, 20, 2004. ScienCentral News.

UCSC man's work earns top award: his computer programs deciphered human genome. David L. Beck. June 8, 2004. San Jose Mercury News

Haussler honored by computer science group as an innovator who changed the scientific world. Tim Stephens. May 3, 2004. UCSC Currents Online.

Genes Seen: a computer scientists builds a picture window on the human genome. September 2003. HHMI Bulletin.

DNA as software. Radio interview, David Kestenbaum. April 25, 2003. All Things Considered on National Public Radio.

Hacking the genome. Damien Counsell. June 2001. Linux User.

They dream of genes. April 18-25, 2001. Metro Santa Cruz.

Grad student becomes gene effort's unlikely hero. February 13, 2001. New York Times.

UCSC computer scientists analyze and assemble data for Human Genome Project. Tim Stephens. July 3, 2000. UCSC Currents Online.

Two faculty members selected by Howard Hughes Medical Institute for appointment as new investigators. Tim Stephens. May 15, 2000. UCSC Currents Online.

Two UCSC faculty awarded UC Presidential Chairs. Tim Stephens & Barbara McKenna. February 28, 2000. UCSC Currents.

Genome scientists muster computer software tools for handling the flood of raw data from the Human Genome Project and related efforts. February 25, 2000. Science Daily.

Computational techniques analyze data from the Human Genome Project. Tim Stephens. February 21, 2000. UCSC Currents.

The sequence master. Robert Irion. Summer 1997. UCSC Review.

Computational molecular biology: software matchmakers help make sense of sequences. Gary Taubes. August 2,1996. Science Magazine 273: 588-590 (in News).

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