The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute provides the framework for the next great leap in the science of genomics by unlocking the world’s genomic information to drive targeted treatment of diseases. These are some of our focus areas:

Pediatric cancer

Our Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project is poised to change the face of treatment for children with cancer. It enables sharing of pediatric cancer genomic data and makes it possible to analyze a child's cancer data against both childhood and adult patient cohorts across all types of cancer. This "pan-cancer" analysis of adult and pediatric tumors may identify situations where an adult drug is predicted to work on a subset of pediatric patients.

Cancer genomics

In addition to bringing genomics expertise to collaborations with clinical researchers at medical centers nationally, cancer genomics tools developed at UC Santa Cruz, including the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser, provide a complete analysis pipeline from raw DNA reads through the detection and interpretation of mutations and altered gene expression in tumor samples.

Stem cell genomics

UC Santa Cruz runs the Data Coordination and Management program for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics. The center applies genomics to stem cell research to gain a deeper understanding of the disease processes in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and mental health. This understanding can ultimately lead to safer, more effective ways of using stem cells in medical research and therapy.

Genomics platform and technology development

From decoding cancer to species preservation our open-source genomics platform is the world’s essential resource for unlocking the most challenging medical and scientific issues of our time.

UCSC Genome Browser

This interactive web-based "microscope" allows researchers to view all 23 chromosomes of the human genome at any scale, from a full chromosome down to an individual nucleotide. More than 130,000 biomedical researchers throughout the world use the browser each month.

Societal implications

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute collaborates with social scientists and ethicists to address the bioethical and privacy issues that advances in genomics create for patients, families, physicians, counselors, business, and government.

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