Haussler Lab Members


David Haan
Graduate student

Jason Fernandes (831) 459-1014
Investigating the regulation of transposable elements by primate-specific transcription factors.

Karen Miga (831) 459-5232
Developing a comprehensive map of centromere sequencing variation across a large number of individuals from distinct populations

Olena Morozova (831) 459-1014
Applying integrative genomics and bioinformatics approaches to study cancers of the nervous system

Meghan Mooring
MS candidate intern

PhD Candidates

Adam Novak (831) 459-5327
Comparing methods for aligning multiple genomes and developing computer algorithms to map changes in ambiguous areas of the genome

Andrew Field (831) 459-1014
PhD candidate
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Fellow, Regulation of cortical neuron development from embryonic stem cells, focusing on the role ncRNAs play in this process

Mark Diekhans (831) 459-1418
Cancer genomics hub, computational gene finding, UCSC Mammalian Gene Collection project (read about Mark's work on the Consensus Coding Sequence gene set in UCSC Currents) and the database of the Genome 10K Project

Wet Lab Research Staff

Wet lab phone (831) 459-1014

Sofie Salama
Research Specialist/Lab Coordinator
Translational research—exploratory wet-lab validation of computational predictions

Mari Olsen
Lab Manager/Research Technician

Kristof Tigyi
Research Technician

Graduate Students

Sean Blum

Jordan Eizanga

Ian Fiddes

Charles Markello

Thomas Matthew

Adam Novak

Jacob Pfeil

Arjun Rao

John Vivian

Can (Molly) Zhang

Undergraduate Researchers

Camille Cooley
Lab Aide

Vincent Meng

Erin La Montagne

Lila Whitehead

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