The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute unlocks the world’s genomic information to drive the next great leap in conservation and evolutionary biology. These are some of our focus areas:

Evolutionary and conservation genomics

Evolutionary and conservation genomics experts at UC Santa Cruz learn about humans through our ancient ancestors and help endangered species.

Genome 10K

The Genome 10K project aims to assemble a genomic zoo—a collection of DNA sequences representing the genomes of 10,000 vertebrate species, approximately one for every vertebrate genus. The trajectory of cost reduction in DNA sequencing suggests that this project will be feasible within a few years. Capturing the genetic diversity of vertebrate species would create an unprecedented resource for the life sciences and for worldwide conservation efforts.

Banana slug genome

UC Santa Cruz is world-renowned for its genomics research; namely, sequencing and publishing the human genome. We have spent an immense amount of time focusing on what makes us unique, now we are unraveling the mysteries of our slimy mascot by sequencing the genome of the banana slug.

Computational Genomics Lab

We build technology designed to connect now siloed genome information by forging and implementing interoperable standards. We are a proud members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and fans of the Genome 10K.

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