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Considering a career move? The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute offers a rich environment with positions in genomics, bioinformatics, research administration and related fields. Join us for collaborative, transformative research by world-class scientists in a gorgeous setting close to the Silicon Valley and Bay Area biotech action.

Current openings

CKCC Junior Data Analyst, Genomics Institute

Communications Manager, Genomics Institute

Software Engineer, Computational Genomics Lab

Senior Bioinformatician, CKCC & MedBook

Finance Manager, Genomics Institute

Postdoctoral Scholar: Haussler Lab

Postdoctoral Scholar: Stuart Lab


Undergraduate student openings

Undergraduate Research Assistant, BD2K (ER 7485): The UCSC Genomics Institute seeks talented undergraduates with mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer science or computational biology backgrounds for paid undergraduate researcher positions. Computational analysis projects include developing data science and require programming skills. This is a great way to get experience in the rapidly changing and expanding field of computational genomics!

Haussler Laboratory Assistant (ER 6736): We are seeking an undergraduate student to work closely with the Haussler Lab Manager with routine lab assignments, such as maintain laboratory work areas, prepare common laboratory reagents and buffers, autoclave biohazard waste and labware as needed, report the inventory status of defined laboratory items to the lab manager, wash and autoclave laboratory glassware and plasticware, stock consumable items in cell culture and main lab spaces, maintain bacterial plate stocks and create stock lab solutions as necessary, and assist lab personnel with routine experimental procedures such as PCR, plasmid preps, etc. This is a great opportunity to utilize knowledge and skills learned in science laboratory classes.

Contract positions

For consideration, please contact with your resume and a short description of relevant experience and how it fits with what we're looking for.

Global Alliance for Genomics Health (GA4GH): The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is driving the development of an interoperable API for genomic data sharing as part of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. We are seeking contractors interested in developing schemas, a reference implementation and conformance suite for the API and applying the reference implementation within a number of driving projects. Candidates should have a solid computer science background and programming experience in Python, and/or Java, and a good understanding of modern development practices and databases. Ability to develop high-quality software in a collaborative environment is a must. The work to be completed will involve working with a large, international team of developers.

Web Developer: We seek a web developer with working knowledge of modern javascript and css tools and techniques to help develop both front end and back end aspects of website for sharing genomic variants. The candidate should be proficient with javascript package management, transpilers, and compressors (npm, webpack, babel, uglify), reactive programming techniques with reactjs, and rxjs, one-way data flow patterns, functional programming libraries such as underscore, immutablejs, and mori, the bootstrap css library, and testing strategies. The UC Santa Cruz genomics institute is at the forefront of an effort to enable the sharing of genomic data. Such sharing is necessary if we are to realize the promise of precision medicine, which will rely on a genomic big-data revolution. The work will result in a public, user friendly site that enables end users, clinicians and researchers to tap into global knowledge about what the implications of possessing a particular genomic signature implies. The ideal candidate would have a working knowledge of biology and biomedicine, though this is not essential, and be comfortable working in a diverse environment of developers, students and academics.

Genomics Data Engineer: The UC Santa Cruz genomics institute‚Äôs high-throughput genomics group seeks a workflow specialist for analyzing petabytes of genomic data. The work to be completed includes the running of genomics based workflows on large datasets. The work does not include the primary development of the pipelines, but rather running them, interpreting the output in terms of quality control metrics and adjusting the pipeline parameters to optimize performance. The contractor should have some bioinformatics experience, including basic bio-statistics and next generation sequencing analysis work. Experience using commercial cloud and high performance computing environments would be very beneficial. The work will involve working with the engineering team to use and deploy highly automated systems that remove much of repetitive, manual aspects from the work. The work will involve communication with the program manager in negotiating time-lines and deliverables. The work will require a fastidious and diligent disposition, and careful, efficient effort and clear communication will be highly prized.


Coming soon

Senior Software Engineer - Computational Genomics Laboratory, Genomics Institute

Scientific Writer, Genomics Institute

Outreach & Advocacy Coordinator, Genomics Institute

Stuart Lab Manager, Genomics Institute

Senior Grant & Program Manager, Genomics Institute

Systems Administrator, Genomics Institute


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UCSC is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

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