Mission & Goals

Our mission

Unlocking the world’s genomic information to drive targeted treatment of diseases

Our goals

We provide the organizing framework, focus, and leadership for the next great leap in the science of genomics and its implications for human health to carry out our goals:

  • Accelerate the power of the global research community to solve today’s intractable health problems
  • Lead the national and international effort to break down institutional silos where genomic information is now isolated
  • Enable the secure sharing and analysis of genomic data on a global open-source federated network
  • Tackle head on the most fundamental societal questions evoked by the advent of a universal genomics technology

As always, all that we learn and create we will openly share with the world. We are a public institution dedicated to creating a healthier world and a healthier society.

  UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
1156 High St, Mail Stop CBSE,
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
831-459-1477 | genomics-group@ucsc.edu
For questions about the UCSC Genome Browser: genome@soe.ucsc.edu
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